Barb Walks Her Talk …

Barb’s track record speaks for itself:

    • Brought $17M in amenity funding from the McLoughlin Point wastewater project and shepherded community engagement that earmarked funds for Esquimalt’s Public Safety Building and park improvements that include the new Gorge Park Pavilion.
    • Driving force behind the township’s revitalization efforts … listening, advocating, and helping to attract new housing and business options, executing important plans that are making today’s Esquimalt more of a destination community.
    • Worked with other levels of government to improve community healthcare options with the establishment of the Esquimalt Urgent and Primary Care Centre.
    • Relationship building in support of Songhees and Esquimalt First Nation economic development opportunities within the township (Red Barn Market and Salish Seaside RV Haven).
    • As CRD Chair, ensured that the wastewater at McLoughlin Point achieved tertiary level treatment to meet higher environmental standards for our jewel of an island, and that meaningful engagement took place with First Nations and members of the public from planning through to the project’s final application submission.
    • Take a listen to Barb’s July 12, 2022 podcast look back at some of what the Township team achieved during the past four years.